Adam Sealfon

I am a postdoc at UC Berkeley working with Jacob Steinhardt and Michael Jordan and affiliated with BAIR. I am broadly interested in provable guarantees for privacy, robustness and security in machine learning and algorithmic settings. Current and ongoing research includes differentially private learning in distributed settings and robust estimation under Wasserstein perturbations.

I received a PhD in computer science from MIT in 2019, where I was advised by Shafi Goldwasser and was a member of the Theory of Computation and Cryptography and Information Security groups. I have an AB in mathematics and an SM in computer science from Harvard University, where I was advised by Salil Vadhan.

CV: [pdf]

Email: asealfon at berkeley dot edu


  • Coming soon: Scan, Shuffle, Rescan: Machine-Assisted Election Audits With Untrusted Scanners, with Douglas W. Jones, Sunoo Park, and Ronald L. Rivest; Synchronizable Fair Exchange, with Ranjit Kumaresan and Srinivasan Raghuraman.


See also DBLP and Google Scholar.
  • Batch Verification for Statistical Zero Knowledge Proofs
    Inbar Kaslasi, Guy N. Rothblum, Ron D. Rothblum, Adam Sealfon, and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
    TCC 2020
    Available at [ePrint]
  • Efficiently Estimating Erdős-Rényi Graphs with Node Differential Privacy
    Adam Sealfon and Jon Ullman
    NeurIPS 2019; invited to Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality, 2021
    Available at [arXiv]
  • It wasn't me! Repudiability and Claimability of Ring Signatures
    Sunoo Park and Adam Sealfon
    Crypto 2019
    Available at [ePrint]
  • Towards Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge for NP from LWE
    Ron D. Rothblum, Adam Sealfon and Katerina Sotiraki
    PKC 2019; invited to Journal of Cryptology, 2021
    Available at [ePrint]
  • Population Stability: Regulating Size in the Presence of an Adversary
    Shafi Goldwasser, Rafail Ostrovsky, Alessandra Scafuro and Adam Sealfon
    PODC 2018
    Available at [arXiv]
  • Network Oblivious Transfer
    Ranjit Kumaresan, Srinivasan Raghuraman and Adam Sealfon
    Crypto 2016
    Available at [ePrint]
  • Shortest Paths and Distances with Differential Privacy
    Adam Sealfon
    PODS 2016
    Recipient of best student paper award
    Available at [arXiv]
  • Truth Tellers and Liars with Fewer Questions
    Gilad Braunschvig, Alon Brutzkus, David Peleg and Adam Sealfon
    Discrete Mathematics, 2015
  • Fault Tolerant Additive and (μ, α)-Spanners
    Gilad Braunschvig, Shiri Chechik, David Peleg and Adam Sealfon
    Theoretical Computer Science, 2015
  • Agreement in Partitioned Dynamic Networks (Brief Announcement)
    Adam Sealfon and Katerina Sotiraki
    DISC 2014
    Available at [arXiv]


  • Keep it secret, keep it safe: privacy, security, and robustness in an adversarial world
    Adam Sealfon
    PhD thesis
    Available at [MIT Libraries]
  • Fault tolerant graph spanners
    Adam Sealfon
    Undergraduate honors thesis